About us

InsightSearch specialises solely in front office roles in the financial industry and most of our business in financial markets is conducted with a focus on mid to senior positions in:

  • Fixed Income
  • Credit Products
  • Structured Products
  • Bond Origination
  • Securitisation
  • Bond Syndicate
  • Derivatives
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Money Markets
  • Equity
  • Asset Management
  • Commodities/Energy
  • Emerging Markets
Our consultants have many years genuine hands-on experience actually doing the jobs they are now finding candidates for; a fact our clients greatly appreciate as we can be specific and truly understand the skill-set required. As a result of our market specialists knowing their sectors and the people who operate in them, combined with very detailed client briefings, we are able to deliver accurately and quickly with confidence. Our consultants are credible, honest and trustworthy individuals who have insight into the sectors in which they operate every day. We operate to best practice principles, enabling us to deliver a consistent level of service to our clients.